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iOS 11 Wallpapers

I love iOS for its stability and the quality of apps that it offers. Apple has only made things better with every release of the OS every year. However, right since iOS 7, I have wished for Apple to add one seemingly small but important feature to the OS: the ability to change wallpapers automatically.

With iOS 11 just a couple of months away, I hope that this time around Apple gets around to introducing an option to automatically change wallpapers on a daily basis in the OS. And if not, at least provide developers with the relevant APIs so that they can offer a similar functionality through their app.

Before you dismiss this feature as being too irrelevant or minor, hear me out on why I want Apple to add an option to automatically change wallpapers on a daily basis in iOS.

The iPhone and iPad both come with excellent Retina Displays. The displays on the devices might not be as pixel filled as the AMOLED panels found on Samsung and LG devices, but that does not change the fact that Apple’s Retina Displays are still beautiful to look at. With every iOS and iPhone release, Apple also includes a bunch of new system wallpapers to show off the wide color gamut and vibrancy of the displays on them. However, without the ability to automatically cycle through all the wallpapers, most users end up using the same default wallpaper for at least a few months. I know plenty of iPhone users who simply have not changed the wallpaper of their device since they first got the same, while there are others, who use the same wallpaper for at least a few months. Considering that iOS lacks any kind of widgets and its home screen is filled with

And for someone like me, who still goes through the tedious process of changing the wallpapers manually on a regular basis, the stock wallpapers get boring pretty fast. Then, I am left with no other option but to install wallpaper apps from the App Store or manually hunt for wallpapers on Google. With wallpaper apps, I cannot just set a particular category of wallpapers as my home screen wallpaper. Instead, I have to manually save each image to the gallery of my iPad and then proceed to set it as wallpaper. And I am not even going to talk about the fact here that finding wallpapers in the correct resolution for my iPad’s Retina Display is a huge task in itself.

In Android, the whole process is much easier. Google’s own Wallpaper app has a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ option. Once I select the category of wallpapers I like, the app will automatically cycle through high-resolution wallpapers on a daily basis. Even better, to save data, I can set the feature to download high-resolution wallpapers in the background only when my phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. That’s not all; There is also Muzei, an excellent wallpaper app for Android, that lets you use plugins from third-party developers to get any just the kind of wallpapers you like. The app’s popularity can be understood from the fact that over 50+ plugins are available for it on the Google Play Store. People can also use their favorite photos stored on their phone as their wallpaper.

A new wallpaper helps make the boring iOS home screen feel like brand new, but I just cannot go through the tedious process of changing wallpapers on a regular basis. While I am sure that iOS 11 will come with a number of major new headlining features, it’s the option to automatically change wallpapers that I am looking forward to most.

Would you like to change your iPhone’s Wallpaper on a daily basis? Let me also know what’s on your iOS 11 wishlist in the comments below.

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