This iOS Control Center Bug Will Completely Freeze Your iPhone

ios 10 control center 1

A new bug which causes an iPhone to freeze thereby forcing users to restart their device has been discovered in iOS. The bug affects almost all iPhones out there and is present in the latest beta of iOS 10.3.2 as well.

The bug can be pretty easily triggered from the Control Center, though it is not something that most users will end up reproducing during daily use.

All one needs to do is bring up the Control Center on their iPhone and then tapping on the Airdrop and Calculator icon at the same time. The issue has been confirmed to free the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and older models running iOS 10.3.1 or older versions of the OS. Now that this bug has attracted some public attention, it is likely that we will see Apple fix it in the final release of iOS 10.3.2.

iOS bugs like such are pretty common nowadays. Many bugs have been discovered in the OS that can completely crash a particular system app, freeze the device, or even soft brick it completely.

While many users will think that it is a sign of Apple not properly testing its software for bugs and issues, the truth is that mobile operating systems have become extremely complex and it is now not possible to identify such minor bugs easily.

[Via 9to5Mac]