Another iPhone 8 Schematic Hints at Wireless Charging, Dual Rear Vertical Cameras

We’ve seen quite a few leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 8 at this point, and while a few key details keep getting repeated endlessly, it doesn’t slow down the churn.

The latest leaked schematic of the next, oft-rumored flagship iPhone was published on Twitter by serial leaker OnLeaks (@onleaks), and even says that the legitimacy of the image isn’t confirmed by any means. But, in it, we get to see some pretty standard elements, but also a hint that maybe, just maybe this time around, Apple will include wireless charging for the iPhone 8:

This particular schematic appears to show us the inside of the upcoming iPhone, and that large circular area in the middle suggests that wireless charging may in fact be a built-in feature. Most interesting, perhaps, is the fact that this schematic isn’t telling us that Touch ID will be moved onto the back of the phone, which could suggest this is one design where Apple figured out embedding it into the OLED display — or they scrapped it.

We get to see the rear dual cameras, too, this time implemented in a vertical fashion. It’s expected at this point that the iPhone 8 will have dual rear cameras, and that they will be designed this way to better feature augmented and virtual reality.

At this point in time, if the majority of these leaks are true in some capacity, it means we’ve seen a laundry list of prototypes or ideas that Apple has considered for the upcoming iPhone 8 at one point in time or another. Of course, all of these are unofficial, so take them with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed just yet.

What are you looking forward to most with the iPhone 8?

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