Limited Survey Shows High CarPlay Satisfaction Rate Among Users

apple carplay

A new report from analytics firm Strategy Analytics claims that Apple’s CarPlay has an 85 percent customer satisfaction rate. This can be surprising for many since CarPlay’s functionality leaves a lot to be desired especially when compared to Android Auto.

Out of the total users surveyed, 31 percent were “very satisfied” with CarPlay, while 54 percent were just “satisfied.” Now, if the numbers look impressive, it is because of the small survey size that included only 70 people from the United States who owned a 2016-2017 vehicle with CarPlay.

43 percent of the surveyed users said that they will “very likely” recommend CarPlay to others, while 37 percent were “likely” to recommend it. 70 percent of the participants also preferred using CarPlay and Apple Maps for navigation purposes over their car’s built-in system, while 59 percent preferred using CarPlay for their music listening needs while driving over the built-in radio of their car.

The survey results are surprising since a video from earlier this month clearly showed that while CarPlay might look more attractive, it is not as functional as Google’s Android Auto in terms of voice recognition. Apple should hopefully announce huge improvements to its voice recognition technology when it announces iOS 11 at WWDC in a couple of months from now.

[Via MacRumors]

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