MaskMe10 Changes the Content of Notifications in iOS 10 Based on Specified Keywords [Jailbreak Tweak]

Just a few days back,  we showcased a tweak called NotifyCensored that allows users to hide the content of notifications on a per-app basis. Now another jailbreak tweak takes on a similar concept, except that it allows you to be more specific with the content that you want to hide.

Known as MaskMe10, this new jailbreak tweak allows you to change the content of notifications only if it contains certain keywords. This is good when you want to keep certain notifications private and away from prying eyes, especially if you’re in a crowded area and don’t like others to look at your sensitive information.

With MaskMe10, you can change both the subject of the notification as well as its content. When you install it, you can get started by heading to its dedicated preferences pane in Settings. There, you’ll find the following settings:

  • Killswitch toggle to enable or disable the tweak
  • Choose whether you want to mask the subject/name of notifications. If you enable this, you will have to enter the names to be filtered as well as specify what it should be replaced with.
  • Choose whether you want to mask the content of notifications. Just like the previous option, this allows you to replace the content of notifications with a custom text of your choice. All you have to do is to enter the filters that will cause the content of notifications to be masked and replaced with something else.

Whenever you receive a notification from any app containing the filtered keywords that you entered, it will be automatically changed to the custom text that you provided.

The way this tweak works allows you to hide the content of notifications in a clever way, such that it avoids suspicion. By replacing sensitive content with a custom text, no one will figure out that the notification has been altered.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you wanted to hide the content of certain notifications, then you’ll find this tweak useful. MaskMe10 is available as a free package in Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 10.

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