Rumor Points to Late October Launch for New iMacs with Thunderbolt 3, Xeon E3 Processors, and More

Two days ago, Apple did something different: They opened up on what’s coming down the pipe, indicating that there are pro-level iMacs planned for later this year.

Now, a new rumor from Pike’s Universum, which cites information gathered from “a little bird” that is “usually pretty accurate,” some light details on what might be showing up later this year have surfaced. The post on the website is pretty short, with only a few key, noteworthy parts to take away.

The processor inside at least one of the upcoming pro iMacs could be an Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor. At the time of publication, Intel actually hasn’t launched that processor yet, but it certainly isn’t an impossibility that Apple is already testing it behind closed doors, and will have it ready to go for a public launch later this year. As far as RAM is concerned, the report indicates Apple is planning to add 16GB to 64GB ECC RAM, which would be in line with what’s configurable in the current Mac Pro.

The rumor also indicates that Apple will throw in faster NVM Express PCIe-based flash storage, which could boast capacities up to 2TB. AMD graphics are said to be getting a bigger focus this year, too, with a push to supporting virtual reality and high-level professional apps.

Finally, the rumor also suggests the new iMacs will support Thunderbolt 3, which isn’t a surprise at all considering the late-2016 MacBook Pro lineup already supports this.

The publication also states that Apple will launch a new keyboard later this year, and that they are planning on launching an 8K display wit the next-generation Mac Pro. So, plan accordingly.

[via MacRumors; Pike’s Universum]

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