One of the Lexus SUVs Being Used to Test Apple’s Self-Driving Software Caught on Camera

Earlier this month, a quickly-developing story indicated that Apple had made the necessary moves to start testing self-driving vehicles in the state of California.

It was soon revealed that Apple would be using Lexus-branded SUVs to test that self-driving software, which was detailed in a separate report outlining the training program utilized by the program. Now, one of those SUVs have been captured on film while out and about.

Specifically, it’s a Lexus RX450h in white. The images were shared with Bloomberg, and clearly show a vehicle equipped with cameras and sensors.

“The sensors included Velodyne Lidar Inc.’s top-of-the-range 64-channel lidar, at least two radar and a series of cameras. The sensors appear to be products bought off the shelf from suppliers, rather than custom-made, according to an industry expert who saw the photos.”

As it stands right now, it’s not a well kept secret that Apple is working on self-driving software for vehicles. Indeed, Bob Mansfield rejoined the Apple team in July of last year to lead the Apple Car team moving forward. It would seem, since then, the company has moved forward quite a bit.

[via Bloomberg]