Set a Custom Timeout Interval on Cydia Repositories With This Jailbreak Tweak

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When you open Cydia, it refreshes all the added repositories to fetch the new packages that have been added since your last visit. A common issue that most users face is that some repositories take a very long time to refresh.

The long refresh time is due to various reasons. Usually a package cannot be found on a repository, the repository is down, or it has connection issues. This forces the refresh operation to take a long time.

APTTimeout is a very useful Cydia package that allows you to set a custom timeout interval on Cydia repositories, such that the refresh operation is terminated if it cannot be completed within a certain amount of time that you set.

As an example, if you set the timeout to 20 seconds, then the refresh operation has to be completed within the 20 seconds time interval, otherwise the refresh operation will be terminated for repositories that are taking a long time. In this way, the refresh interval is reduced from minutes to merely a few seconds.

After installing APTTimeout, head to its preferences pane in Settings and from there, you can set the custom timeout interval. Once you set it, tap on the Apply Settings button for the new changes to take place. As an added measure, close Cydia from the App Switcher and launch it again for the new settings to be applied.

APTTimeout is a very useful Cydia package that eliminates the delay you face from repositories that take a long time to refresh. It can be extremely annoying when you have to wait for a couple of minutes just for Cydia to load the new packages. If you’ve been facing this issue recently, then I highly recommend that you give this tweak a try.

APTTimeout is available as a free package in Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 7 – iOS 10. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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