How to Easily Set a Reminder to Return a Phone Call on Your iPhone


Phone calls don’t always come in at appropriate times. If you receive a phone call and you can’t answer it, you can easily set a call reminder on your iPhone so you don’t forget to return the phone call.

How to Set a Reminder to Return a Phone Call on Your iPhone

Step 1

To set up a call reminder, tap Remind Me as the call comes in.

Tap Remind Me when a call comes in.

Step 2

Options for when you want to be reminded to return the call display at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to be reminded in one hour, when you leave your current location, or when you get home, if you’re not currently at home. I was at home when I received the call shown below, so that last option was not available. Tap one of the options to decline the call and set up a reminder to call this person back.

Tap an option to get reminded about the phone call later.

Step 3

At the specified time or location, you will get a call reminder notification from the Reminders app about returning the call.

A call reminder notification displays at the set time.

Step 4

The call reminder is listed in the Scheduled section of the Reminders app. Once you’ve returned the call, go back to the Reminders app and tap the circle to the left of the reminder to check off that item.

The call reminder is added to the Scheduled section of the Reminders app.

Setting up a call reminder when receiving a call can help you remember to return important phone calls as well as stay in the good graces of your family and friends.

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