StatusPeek 2 Allows You to Peek at the Status Bar in Fullscreen Apps


While fullscreen apps offer a more immersive experience, one drawback is that the Status bar remains hidden, which means that you cannot easily check the current time, battery level, and other information that are displayed in the Status bar.

To view the Status bar when using a fullscreen app, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to open Notification Center where the Status bar is displayed or you can press the Home button to go back to the Home screen and view the Status bar. This can be very inconvenient, which is why a new jailbreak tweak has been created to offer a better solution.

Called StatusPeek 2, this tweak allows you to peek at the Status bar while you’re using a fullscreen app. When you swipe down from the top of the screen, instead of showing the Notification Center grabber, the Status bar is displayed. It remains visible for a short duration before disappearing again. If you wish to view Notification Center, you can swipe down the Status bar.

This is more convenient and faster than if you were to go to the Home screen to view the Status bar. The tweak comes with a preferences pane as well where you can enable or disable it on demand as well as switch between the light or the dark Status bar theme.

In my case, when I’m using a fullscreen app, I usually end up opening Notification Center to view the Status bar. Having this tweak is a great time-saver as I can now view the Status bar with a simple swipe down gesture without having to open Notification Center.

If you wish to give this tweak a try, it is available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about in the comments below.

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