Student Uses Apple Watch to Call 911 After Car Accident

With watchOS 3, and a subsequent software update, Apple added the ability to quickly get in touch with emergency services right from the Apple Watch.

And for at least one student out there, that feature helped him in a pinch. As recently reported by WMAR Baltimore, Casey Bennett was driving to class on April 6 when another car struck his Jeep. As a result of the accident, his vehicle flipped, and it sent his iPhone flying from the center console and onto the ground, out of reach.

Bennett tried to reach for the iPhone but he was unable to obtain it. So, as he puts it, he held down the button on the side of his Apple Watch for six seconds and it called 911:

“I was trying to figure out if I could get out, and I was like nope, you’re just going to have to hang out here,” Bennett said.

It was then that he pushed one button on his Apple Watch.

“I just pressed down this side button on here for six seconds and it called 911,” Bennett said.”

The SOS feature on the Apple Watch not only contacts 911, delivering emergency services with your location as it’s activated, but also notifies an approved emergency contact. In the case of Bennett, the wearable notified his father, who was around the corner at home at the time of the accident. Bennett’s father went with him to the hospital in the ambulance.

Bennett is fine after the crash, but his Jeep Patriot was totaled.

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