tvOS 11 To Bring Multi-User Support, Picture-in-Picture to Apple TV

Apple TV Multi User Support

As per Israeli website The Verifier citing its reliable source, Apple will add multi-user support to tvOS 11 for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The onscreen content for users will also be tailored depending on the profile that is currently being used.

So, when user A logs into their account, they will only see their Apple Music library, iCloud Photo library, and viewing history.

The process of adding profiles to an Apple TV running tvOS 11 is apparently going to be a one-time process, with user switching process being as simple as changing channels. As per the source, Apple is currently in the final stages of developing this feature, though its integration into tvOS 11 might be delayed until a point release later in the year.

In addition, tvOS 11 will also bring Picture-in-Picture feature to the OS. Apple first debuted PiP with iOS 9 so the feature making its way to tvOS 11 is not surprising. With the feature, users will be able to watch a video in a windowed mode docked to one corner of the screen while still continuing to navigate around tvOS browsing for other content or using other apps. It will, however, not be possible to play two PiP streams side by side. Doing so will lead to the first PiP stream to stop playing.

The introduction of multi-user support should be welcomed by Apple TV 4 users since its primarily used in the living room where multiple members of a family use it regularly.

What are the other changes that you hope Apple introduces with tvOS 11 this year at WWDC? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via The Verifier]