Video: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Camera Outperforms the iPhone 7 Plus In This Comparison


Industry rivals Samsung and Apple spend a lot of money on R&D for their smartphones. Camera performance, in particular, is something that the two companies hold in high regard. With Samsung now launching the Galaxy S8, it was only a matter of time before we saw a comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus.

YouTuber SuperSaf TV has done exactly that and compared the two devices side-by-side to give us a better idea of their performance. By looking at this video alone, one can ascertain that the Galaxy S8+ is a winner by a big margin, especially with regards to autofocus and optical image stabilization.

In terms of image quality, it’s pretty clear that the Galaxy S8+ has more contrast as compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. The comparison was done side by side, so the images and the videos were taken in the same environment almost simultaneously. Low light photography is also significantly better on the Samsung offering, speaking volumes about the amount of work that has gone into the device.

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with 2x optical zoom thanks to the dedicated telephoto lens on board, this is an area where it has an upper hand over the Galaxy S8+.

While one can argue that Samsung nearly had about 6-7 months over Apple to cram in more camera features, we have seen in the past that Samsung’s smartphones are equipped with the best cameras out there (going by DxOMark’s ratings anyway).

While the Galaxy S8+ might not be a better smartphone overall, it’s clear that it has the iPhone 7 Plus beat in terms of camera performance. Check out the video below to see how the two handsets performed.

[Via YouTube]

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