First Look of What’s Believed to be the Touchscreen-Equipped Amazon Echo Surfaces

There have been quite a few rumors swirling around that Amazon is building an Echo device with a built-in touchscreen.

That would be yet another option for folks who want an Amazon-branded smart speaker in their home. The company recently unveiled the Amazon Look, which boasts a built-in camera, for instance. And now, if the rumor mill is true, the company has an Echo device with a built-in speaker and touchscreen on the way.

Thanks to AFTVnews, we’ve apparently got a first look at what the device will look like. The image they discovered was on Amazon’s servers, and the publication says they obtained the image in a similar fashion to the way they obtained a pre-release look at the Amazon Look, so it seems legit enough.

There’s no outright Amazon branding visible, though, so keep a wary approach anyway.

As for the design, it’s certainly interesting. A big touchscreen taking up the majority of the front, and a prominent forward-facing speaker right beneath it. Meanwhile, Apple is still rumored to be working on its own smart speaker to compete against Amazon and Google, which could be unveiled as early as this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

What do you think of the design? Would you buy it, if it’s real and this is the design they go with?

[via The Verge; AFTVnews]