Apple May Tap Bosch Motion Sensors in iPhone 8 for 360-Degree Photos & Videos for AR Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that many believe will surpass Virtual Reality (VR) as the go-to option for many companies as the “next big thing.”

VR isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, of course, with a lot of money invested in that type of experience for users out there in the world, and there are certainly benefits with it. Being transported from the couch in one part of the planet to visit an entirely different part, for instance. But, as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has made it perfectly clear, Apple sees a bigger move in AR than VR.

We’ve seen concepts showing what a Siri-powered AR experience may look like on the iPhone 8 as recently as March, and we’ve seen reports that Apple has upwards of 1,000 engineers working on bringing an AR experience to the iPhone lineup at some point in the future. Many speculate that Apple’s plans to invigorate the phone lineup is augmented reality, and that Apple is working furiously to make sure these features are in place with the iPhone 8.

Most recently we saw reports that Apple had tapped Bosch to provide motion sensors for the iPhone 8. At the time the focus was simply on the behind-the-scenes production process for Apple, but now Robert Scoble has come forward to place a bet:

“Bosch inside.

Wanna make a bet?

Will these sensors do 360-degree volumetric video and photos? I bet they will.

The Big Bang is still on even if a clear iPhone won’t show up as my sources once thought it would.

I am still expecting Tim Cook to blow us away and keep us from moving to Microsoft HoloLens.”

Scoble’s purely hypothetical statement tells us what a lot of evidence has already shown us over the last several months: That Apple’s big thing this year will not only be a truly revitalized iPhone 8 in design, with an edge-to-edge OLED display and upgraded specifications, but also a cornerstone built around augmented reality functionality in some capacity.

Bosch may be playing a big part in that.

Are you looking forward to the iPhone 8 and its rumored AR features? Or is augmented reality something you’re not interested in?

[via Robert Scoble (Facebook)]