Apple Granted Patents Relating to iPhone 8’s Edge-to-Edge Display and a Touch ID Sensor Embedded Within the Display

As the launch of the iPhone 8 nears, Apple has just been granted 56 patents by the USPTO. Two of these patents (9,652,066 and 9,652,096) have caught our attention, as they talk about an edge-to-edge display and a Touch ID sensor which can be embedded within the display, allowing users to unlock their phones by tapping anywhere on the screen.

These features have been talked about in great lengths before, but there wasn’t any real confirmation. However, these patents are definitive proof of what’s to come from Apple. Although it’s a little too early to tell if this tech will be used for the iPhone 8, it’s clear that Apple has plans to ditch the old-school look and go with an edge-to-edge display sometime in the future. Interestingly, Apple originally filed this patent in January 2015, while the Touch ID patent was filed in July 2014, so this has been a long-term plan for the company.

The display patent talks about Apple using slightly rounded or curved edges to offer more space for the users to play around with, although it’s not too clear if the bottom bezel will go for good. It’s likely, going by the Touch ID patent image, that Apple will still keep the home button on the front.

As for the new Touch ID sensor, Apple details how it will create different layers consisting of Cover Glass, Thin Film, and Touch Substrate to accommodate the fingerprint scanner under the display. The tech seems way too complex right now, but we’re sure Apple has it all worked out.

A new 3D scanning device is also discussed in this patent, perhaps meant to be used with the Apple TV. It can be likened to the Microsoft Kinect as it allows users to interact with games and other video content.

[Via Patently Apple]

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