Lexus SUV Used to Test Apple’s Self-Driving Software Caught on Video

Months ago, the rumor mill hinted that Apple had, at least temporarily, abandoned its plans to manufacture an Apple Car.

Instead, the Cupertino-based company opted to focus on software, and has since turned to developing self-driving software that, some day in the future, would be installed in vehicles. So while Apple hasn’t officially announced anything just yet, testing that software has to be done in the public, which is what we’re seeing today on video.

MacRumors published a video of the Lexus-branded RX450h SUV driving around on Highway 101 North in California recently, outfitted with a variety of different sensors, a Velodyne 64-channel LIDAR, at least two radar, and more. Here’s the video:

As it stands right now, we’ve already seen the Lexus RX450h out in the wild, but previously it was only in photographs. Now we get a pretty clear video of the SUV in action, with those sensor arrays making it pretty easy to notice.

We first heard about Apple’s self-driving software efforts back in April of this year, when it was discovered that Apple was already testing the vehicles in California. We’ve even seen the training program that Apple issues to find folks to test the vehicles in the wild. And, most recently, we heard that Apple was trying to get some changes made to the autonomous car testing policies.

[via MacRumors]