Apple Updates Analytics Service to Better Show How Apps Get Discovered

Developing an application is hard work, but it’s simply just half the battle for a developer who wants to make a living building things for other people to use.

The other half is selling that app, which can come down to whether or not it’s discoverable in whatever digital store it’s available in. As TechCrunch reports today, Apple is making some changes to its App Analytics service, which is available through iTunes Connect, which is meant to help developers see just how a mobile user discovered their app.

The new tools will show developers just how the user made their way to their app, whether that’s through a direct link from an outside source, a search in the App Store, or if they were simply just browsing around and discovered it by happy accident. As noted in the report, this could be one way developers determine just how strong their keywords are, and how it can impact search results within the App Store for their creation. The update includes the following source types now: App Store Browse, App Store Search, App Referrer and Web Referrer.

Here’s how that looks for developers:

  • Web Referrer: With this, developers will be able to see if a mobile user discovered their app through a website via Safari on iOS.
  • App Referrer: This will allow developers to see if an app publisher is helping them discover their own app.
  • App Store Search: This will tell developers if their app was discovered through the search function in the App Store.
  • App Store Browse: Developers will be able to see if users found their app through the Featured, Categories, or Top Charts.

It will also show them how well those charts are working for their app, and let them determine if they need to make changes.

These types of measurements are available in other third-party options, but with Apple rolling it out as a first-party option, it will surely get used by more developers. The information given to developers should be more accurate by default, as it’s coming from Apple directly, which should help in the short and long run.

[via TechCrunch]