Apple’s New Patent Talks About Using iMessage to Interact with Siri in Noisy Environments

Apple has been granted a new patent, which discusses the possibility of talking to Siri using iMessage instead of just your voice. This could come in handy in noisy environments where talking to your phone is not feasible.

One can imagine that this would be Apple’s version of Google Assistant, which allows Android users to interact with the virtual assistant and ask for general queries. This could be used not only when you’re stuck in a noisy environment, but also when you’re not supposed to talk, in a movie theater or at the library, for example.

This new feature will also be capable of handling image searches. One example talks about the user sending a picture of a car, and asking Siri to quote the prices of that specific model. You can also send pictures of locations to get the desired results from Siri.

This is merely a patent filing as of now, and it’s not clear as to when Apple will implement this feature onto Siri. But knowing Apple, it shouldn’t be long till we see this on upcoming versions of iOS.

Here’s how Apple summarizes the patent application:

“In one example process, a graphical user interface (GUI) having a plurality of previous messages between a user of the electronic device and the digital assistant can be displayed on a display. The plurality of previous messages can be presented in a conversational view. User input can be received and in response to receiving the user input, the user input can be displayed as a first message in the GUI. A contextual state of the electronic device corresponding to the displayed user input can be stored. The process can cause an action to be performed in accordance with a user intent derived from the user input. A response based on the action can be displayed as a second message in the GUI.”

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[Via Patently Apple]