Backup Your Phone Data While Charging Your Phone At the Same Time [Deals Hub]

Backing up your iPhone is one of those things you know you should do but never make time for. But you charge your device all the time. The MEEM Memory Cable make it easy to backup your device while recharging its battery, and you can get it on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

Every time you plug in your phone with the MEEM Memory Cabel, you’ll be able to back up it simultaneously while it charges. It’s the easiest way to finally make a copy of all your most important files—something every iPhone owner needs to do, considering the average phone user has a total of 1.94GB of data to backup.

You can get the MEEM Memory Cable on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $59.99. That’s a savings of 33% off for a must-have accessory, so grab it today!