Dash for iOS Returns to the App Store

In October of last year, the popular iOS (and Mac) app, Dash, was pulled from the digital storefront following reports of “review manipulation” by Apple.

The entire month of October was a back-and-forth between the developer of the app, Bogdan Popescu, and Apple, as they tried to straighten out the situation, which eventually devolved into the app staying off the digital storefront as the developer claimed the account tied to the app had been mishandled by a third-party. Apple surfaced evidence of its own, and, before October closed out, it seemed like Dash might not make it back onto the iOS App Store.

However, months later, Popescu is back, announcing on his official blog that Dash for iOS is back in the App Store. According to Popescu, following a variety of different “pirated copies” of Dash making it onto the App Store, he wanted to make an official version of Dash once again and make it available for iOS users. As a result, he created a personal developer account that Apple accepted, and Dash has once again made a return to the storefront:

“Quite a few “developers” have even added it to the App Store themselves, violating the GNU GPL license in the process. Apple has been very responsive in removing these apps, but the developers kept adding it back in different shapes and forms and I got tired to fill the same copyright claim forms over and over.

I’ve made a personal developer account which Apple accepted and the review for Dash for iOS went through without any issues. I hope this will somewhat stave off the pirated copies of Dash from appearing on the App Store. We’ll see.”

Popescu notes that the Mac version of Dash will be sold directly through his website, so it won’t be making its own return to the Mac App Store like the iOS version has.

Here’s the official description of Dash for iOS, by way of the official landing page for the app:


“Instant search and offline access to any API documentation you may need.

Dash is an API Documentation Browser that gives your iPad and iPhone instant offline access to 150+ API”

Dash for iOS is free, and you can find a link to download it below.


[via Kapeli Blog]

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