eBay, Amazon, and Google Maps Abandon Apple Watch Support [Updated]

Apple made it possible for the Apple Watch to support native apps in the watchOS 2 release, which was seen as a welcomed addition for the wearable.

Since then, watchOS 3 has been released, which brought plenty of new features along with it as well. And while app support for the Apple Watch seems to be strong enough, with plenty of popular apps out there offering support in some fashion, native app support could still see some growth.

Unfortunately, some big names are apparently deciding to go the other way.

Apple Insider reports that companies like eBay, Amazon, and Google have decided to pull their Apple Watch support from their apps. Specifically, as of Monday of this week, each of the aforementioned apps received notable updates before the end of April, and all three ditched support for the Apple Watch with the new versions of the software.

Shopping on the Apple Watch via Amazon may not have been the easiest thing to do, but for eBay and Google Maps to drop support of the wearable is a bit striking. At the time of publication, there isn’t any official word from any of the companies as to why they dropped Apple Watch support, or I it will be coming back, but they aren’t the only ones who have done so.

Target, the big box retailer chain, has also recently dropped Apple Watch support in its primary application. However, the Target Cartwheel app, which focuses on deals and discounts, still supports the smartwatch lineup.

Update: In a statement provided to Shara Tibken of CNET, Google says that it has removed Apple Watch support for Google Maps only temporarily, and that support will be added again at a later date:

“We removed Apple Watch support from our latest iOS release but expect to support it again in the future.”

[via Apple Insider]