Google Assistant Is Coming to iPhone

As rumored, Google today announced that it is bringing Google Assistant to iOS. The company is doing this by releasing a standalone Assitant app for iOS.

With the standalone Google Assistant app, iPhone owners will be able to enjoy the same functionality that Google Home and Android users enjoy. This includes being able to control their home automation devices, music systems, TVs, lights, and other compatible devices.

Additionally, Google will also be expanding the number of languages support by Assistant. Support for Japanese, French, Portuguese, Brazillian, and German this summer, with support for Italian and other languages coming by the end of this year.

To make Assitant more privacy friendly, Google is also making it possible for Assistant users to type their search queries instead of speaking to the phone.

Google is also bringing Actions on Google to Google Assistant for iOS and Android. This allows third-party apps and services to integrate with Assitant and allow users to do certain tasks and actions by simply talking to the Assistant.

At launch, Google Assitant’s iOS app will only be available for iPhone owners in the US.

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