Google Assistant Is Reportedly Coming to iOS as a Standalone App

Google is reportedly planning on bringing Google Assistant to iOS. The company will be doing this by launching a standalone app for the OS. It is expected that the announcement will be made by the company at its I/O conference later this week.

However, there is still no confirmed timeframe for this launch at Google so it’s possible that the official announcement is never made at I/O.

As perĀ Android PoliceĀ sources, Google Assistant will only be available in the US at launch. Even on Android, Google Assistant only works in a few regions and with a few languages, so this limited launch on iOS is not surprising as well.

Despite the launch of a standalone app, Google Assistant is unlikely to work and integrate neatly with iOS as it is able to do on Android. However, the very presence of Google Assistant on iOS will make it easier for easier to control their other devices using the virtual assistant.

[Via Android Police]

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