How to Speed up a slow Mac or MacBook Using CleanMyMac

One of the reasons why we love using Macs is just how low maintenance they are. Make sure you’re running the latest security updates and you’re usually fine. But sometimes that’s not the case. Either you have a lot of applications installed, or you’re constantly running out of space. There can be multiple reasons why your Mac is running slower than usual. One of the ways to fix it is by using CleanMyMac 3.

Download: CleanMyMac 3

Smart Cleanup


When you open the CleanMyMac app for the first time, you’ll see a big Scan button in the Smart Cleanup section. This will perform a complete scan of your system – from files to caches to the trash. You should do this scan but you shouldn’t use the smart cleanup feature. It’s better to manually go section by section and pick what you want to clean or delete.

A note about free vs paid: CleanMyMac 3 license is available for $39.99. But you can use CleanMyMac for free to scan your Mac but you can’t use its automatic cleanup features.

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Clean Up System Junk


After installing CleanMyMac 3, do a scan and go to the System Junk section. From here, you’ll be able to empty app caches, get rid of language files and other system junk. This will help reduce storage space and will make your Mac run faster.

Remove Large and Old Files


Go to the Large and Old Files section and click on Review Details after doing a scan. Get rid of files that are taking up too much space and files you no longer have a use for. If you’re no longer at the edge of your storage space, your Mac will run smoother.

Uninstall Apps


An app gone rogue can wreck havoc on your Mac. Go to the Uninstaller section and click on View all Application. Then check all the apps you can live without, or apps you know are taking a lot of resources (go to Activity Monitor to find out). Once all apps are checked, click on Clean.

Run Maintenance


CleanMyMac has a dedicated Maintenance section. So go to it from the sidebar and click on Choose Tasks. This feature can improve disk performance, resolve app issues and improves search functionality.

After you click on Choose Tasks, you’ll see a list of 7 tasks. Choose the ones you want to run and then click on Run.

Remove Extensions


It’s possible that a rogue extension (system or app) is making your Mac slow. Go to the Extension section and click on View All Extensions. Check the ones you want to remove and then click Remove.

Download: CleanMyMac 3

How Do You Keep Your Mac Running Squeaky Clean?

What do you do to make sure Mac is running smoothly? Share with us in the comments below.

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