Intel Unveils New Core i9 X-Series Processors with up to 18 Cores; Provides More Information about Coffee Lake Architecture

Intel today kicked off Computex by announcing its new Core X lineup of CPUs and providing more details about its upcoming Coffee Lake architecture.

First, let’s talk about the company’s new Core X lineup of processors. Aimed at creators and enthusiasts, the lineup spawns powerful Core i5 and i7 models along with a brand new Core i9 line. The Core X i5  processors feature four cores and four threads, while the top of the line Core i9 Extreme CPU offers 18-cores and 36-threads and costs a whopping $1,999.

The cheapest variant of the lineup is the Core i5-7640X which costs $242. Prices for the Core i7 X-series start from $399 featuring 4-cores and 8-threads. The Core i9 X lineup is the most interesting one as this is the first time that Intel is offering consumers with the option of buying a 10-core to a 16-core processor. The Core X processors are based on an updated Skylake microarchitecture and come with Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 that is capable of reaching higher frequencies. Intel states that its Core X lineup offers anywhere between 10 to 15 percent additional performance over its previous generation processors.

All the chips in the Core X-series have a 140W TDP and are compatible with Intel’s new X290 chipset.

Looking at the amount of horsepower they offer, there is a high possibility that we will see Apple offer Intel’s Core X processors inside its upcoming iMac refresh that will be aimed at professionals and creators. There’s also a possibility that Apple could end up using the same set of processors in its Mac Pro refresh which is possibly due next year.

Intel also provided more details about its eight generation Coffee Lake microarchitecture. The company notes that it as per its latest testing, Coffee Lake CPUs will offer up to 30 percent more performance over its existing 7th generation Core processors. Intel had earlier estimated that Coffee Lake CPUs will only offer an improvement of around 10-15 percent over their predecessor.

Intel hopes that its Coffee Lake CPUs will be available to system builders and OEMs from the second half of this year. The laptop SKUs for these chips should also be available to OEMs by the end of this year, which means that we can see them making their debut in Apple’s MacBook lineup next year. Like with previous Core processors released in the recent past, Coffee Lake CPUs should also bring about an improvement in power consumption and battery life.

[Via The Verge]

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