iOS 11 Concept for iPad Envisions System-Wide Drag & Drop, Finder, Shelf, and More

Apple will be unveiling iOS 11 next month at WWDC 2017 that is expected to come with many new features and enhancements. Like most years, most of these enhancements will be focused towards the iPhone and probably less on the iPad.

It was only with iOS 9 that Apple added some features to iOS that made the iPad a portable computing device. Since then though, the company has not really done much in terms of software to allow users to take full advantage of the bigger screen and the additional computing power offered by its iPad and iPad Pro lineup.

Now, Federico Viticci of MacStories has published his iOS 11 wishlist for the iPad and a concept video to go along with it. His wishlist envisions using iOS 11 on the iPad to achieve a specific task: plan a holiday in Barcelona. The concept video then shows how the new system features in iOS 11 like system-wide drag ‘n’ drop, Shelf, multiple audio streams, Finder, and more help one achieve that task easily on an iPad.

Viticci’s future of the iPad and iOS 11 is one that he envisions and it’s not necessarily the one that he expects Apple to implement. However, the new features shown in the concept video are pretty much a necessity for the iPad now if Apple wants to transform it into a computing device instead of it being the primary content consumption device for many. With Split View, bringing system-wide drag ‘n’ drop functionality is almost a necessity now as it will make sharing content between apps easier. Similarly, while Slide Over and Split View are handy features to have, the poor app picker implementation makes them a chore to use sometimes.

The addition of Shelf and a Quick Look API will allow users to quickly save content to reference later, and with the Quick Look API, the Shelf could quickly preview map links, emails, and more.

Viticci envisions that Apple also brings a Finder to iPad with iOS 11. While it does not necessarily have to be similar to the Finder on iOS 11, it would at least make it easier to manage all files saved on the device by various apps and services.

It’s unlikely that we will see Apple end up introducing almost all the features that Viticci envisions in his iOS 11 wishlist. However, the company should seriously consider bringing them to its OS if it really wants the iPad to become the primary computing device for consumers out there.

[Via MacStories]