iPhone 8 Concept Video Shows Off Integrated Touch ID, Dual Rear Cameras

We’ve been hearing rumors and analyst reports about the iPhone 8 for months now. Part of the routine is, eventually, seeing concept images and videos based on all that data.

As such, we’ve been seeing renders and concept images of what people think the oft-rumored iPhone 8 might look like. In March we saw a concept image that gave us a glimpse of what an all-glass iPhone 8 might look like. In April we saw two different variations, one that showed us a handset with an all-glass front and the Function Area, and one that took us down memory lane with a design that was reminiscent of the original iPhone that launched ten years ago.

Now we get a new concept video that was uploaded to YouTube by The 90s Robot (surfaced by BGR). The video lasts a little longer than a minute and shows us what they believe the iPhone 8 could look like, using the latest information and rumors to build the concept. We get the hallmark elements, including the pair of cameras on the back of the iPhone set up in a vertical layout.

But the real focus is on the front, where we get a beautiful OLED display that reaches from top-to-bottom and side-to-side, giving us a nearly borderless design. The front-facing camera, which is said to feature facial recognition, is integrated into the display, and so is Touch IDa sticking point for many analysts at this point.

The iPhone 8, if this is what the real device looks like when it’s unveiled later this year, will have a primary design cue taken from the iPhone 7, but that huge display on the front and its integrated features may be enough to make it stand out. Will it work to spur sales in China, though?

Check out the iPhone 8 concept from The 90s Robot below:

If this is the real deal, would you buy this iPhone 8?

[via BGR; The 90s Robot (YouTube)]