iPhone 8 Feature Wishlist: OnePlus 3T-like Dash Charging Capability


Dash Charge on OnePlus 3T

If you follow the world of smartphones closely, you must have heard about the excellent OnePlus 3T. The $450 Android smartphone gives the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 a run for their money. Among other things, the handset also features Dash Charge — arguably among its most underrated feature. 

Dash Charge is OnePlus’ take on fast charging. While almost all major Android smartphones launched in the last two years have featured some kind of quick charging technology, Dash Charge is on a completely different level.

Unlike other fast charging implementations like Quick Charge, Dash Charge does not heat up a smartphone while charging it. Instead, with Dash Charging, it is the charger that heats up. This has two benefits: it prevents the smartphone from heating up which in turn helps increase the battery’s lifespan. There are downsides to this approach as well though: to achieve Dash Charging speeds, OnePlus 3T owners need to use the bundled charger and cable. Using any other cable or charger will simply not let them enjoy Dash charging speeds.

As for how fast Dash Charging is? Well, a 30-minute charge is enough to bring a dead OnePlus 3T to life and charge its battery to around the 50 percent mark. No other fast charging technology — barring Oppo’s VOOC — is as fast as Dash Charge. If you have experienced fast charging on any other device before, you will be blown away by just how fast Dash Charge is when you experience it the first time around.

This brings me to the fact that the iPhone 7 does not offer any kind of fast charging which is frustrating, to say the least. While Apple is expected to finally get around to adding fast wired charging on the iPhone 8 this year, it will be making use of USB Power Delivery, which pushes anywhere between 15-18W of power. As of now, Apple bundles a 5W charger with the iPhone, though one can use the 12W iPad charger to reduce the charging times of the handset to a certain extent.

However, instead of barely catching up with the competition, Apple needs to come up with an even better solution. Apple needs to use a fast charging implementation on the iPhone 8 that is at least as good as OnePlus 3/3T’s Dash Charge. Apple has already started using fast charging on AirPods and the Apple Watch, so it’s high time the company brings the technology to the iPhone as well.

Considering how popular the iPhone and other products from the company are, if Apple ends up including a Dash Charge type fast charging technology on the iPhone 8, it will only be a matter of time before the charger and technology become ubiquitous.

Despite Apple making (small) improvements to the iPhone battery life with new versions of iOS and iPhone 7, consumers continue asking for more battery life from their handsets. Until and unless a breakthrough battery technology is developed, the next best thing to do would be to decrease the charging times, which is what Apple should be aiming for with the release of iPhone 8 later this year. And for that, Apple needs to leapfrog the competition, not just catch up to it.

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