Microsoft Unveils New Surface Pro with Kaby Lake Processors, LTE Connectivity, and 13.5 Hours of Battery Life

Surface Pro 5

Microsoft today launched its latest generation Surface Pro laptop. Unlike previous years, the company has dropped its numbering scheme this time around, so we get a Surface Pro this year instead of Surface Pro 5.

From the outside, the new Surface Pro looks exactly same as its predecessor but Microsoft’s Panos Pranay says that it now features 800 new custom parts to make up for a “meaningful” change. This makes the new laptop lighter than before at just 1.7lbs, with a waistline of 8.5mm. There are some minor tweaks to the design of the new Surface Pro but they are all very minor. The biggest one perhaps is the switch to a new hinge design similar to the one that Microsoft first used on Surface Studio.

The refresh sees Microsoft making the switch to Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processors. Along with that, the switch to an integrated SSD on the motherboard and other improvements now allow the latest Surface Pro to deliver up to 13.5 hours of battery life. The Core m3 and i5 variants of the Surface Pro will ship without a fan, while the Core i7 variant will continue to feature a fan.

Microsoft has also addressed the Sleep that plagued the previous iterations of Surface so that the battery life is not affected when you put the latest Surface Pro to sleep for long periods of time.

As for connectivity, the new Surface Pro comes with a USB Type-A port, Mini DisplayPort, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect Port. Microsoft will also be offering an LTE variant of the Surface Pro with microSIM and eSIM support. It will launch later this year, though Microsoft did not provide any information on its pricing.

Like with previous Surface models, the new Surface Pro also does not ship with a keyboard. Instead, one will have to buy one of the new Alcantara-made Signature Type Cover separately, which is now available in four colors — Burgundy, Platinum, Graphite Gold, and Cobalt Blue.

In addition to the new Surface Pro, Microsoft unveiled a new Surface Pen with increased pressure sensitivity — up to 4096 pressure points. It now also features tilt support that automatically allows it to adjust the thickness and texture of the ink on the screen. Microsoft will be selling the new Surface Pen separately for $99.

The new Surface Pro launches globally on June 15 with prices starting from $799 in 26 countries. Pre-orders for the laptop start from today itself.