New iPhone 8 Renders Envisions the Functionality of the ‘Function Area’

Up until now, we have seen quite a few renders of the iPhone 8. Today though, the folks over at iDropNews bring us some concept renders of the Function Area that the iPhone 8 is rumored to sport.

Apple is expected to reserve a small portion at the bottom of the 5.8-inch OLED display on the iPhone 8 to use it as a Function Area which will be similar in concept to the TouchBar on the 2016 MacBook Pro. This area will also sport the virtual home button since the handset will lack a physical one.

The concept envisions the Function Area being used to display the music widget, the virtual home button, buttons to accept a call/send a message for an incoming call, and more.

The use of a Function Area will allow Apple to make full use of the 5.8-inch OLED display on the iPhone 8 while still being able to use a virtual home button. The Function Area is also expected to sport an embedded Touch ID fingerprint scanner, though Apple is currently facing production issues with the technology. In the end, if Apple is unable to get the embedded Touch ID scanner to work properly and produce it reliably, the company might be forced to move the fingerprint scanner to the back similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S8.

What do you think about the Function Area renders shown above? I am guessing Apple’s implementation will be very similar to what the renders show.

[Via iDropNews]

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