OLED iPhone 8’s 3D Touch Module Up to 150% More Expensive Than LCD Models


Apple is widely expected to switch to  OLED display on the iPhone 8 later this year. The switch to OLED panel means that the 3D Touch module for the display needs to be completely redesigned as well. Now, as per a report from a Chinese dailythe new 3D Touch module for the iPhone 8 is going to be up to 150 percent more expensive.

Economic Daily News reports that TPK Holdings has quoted a rate of $18-22 for the new 3D Touch modules for the iPhone 8, which has been accepted by Apple. In comparison, the 3D Touch module costs for iPhones with LCD display is anywhere between $7-9.

The increase in the cost of the module is due to the fact that integrating the 3D Touch module with the OLED display is a more complex procedure which requires the display to be bonded by protective glass on both the front and back before the 3D Touch sensors can be applied. This leads to a 50 percent increase in overall processing cost

For 3D Touch solution used in existing iPhone series, TPK and fellow maker General Interface Solution (GIS) quote US$7-9 per smartphone. The solution directly bonds 3D Touch sensors on LTPS TFT-LCD display panels of the iPhone, but 3D Touch solution for OLED panels entails bonding of a glass cover on the front and back side of an OLED panel each to reinforce the fragile OLED panel.

TPK has already got the official certification for its OLED-based 3D Touch solution and is expected to win the majority of orders from Apple.

The OLED iPhone 8 is expected to cost upwards of $1,000 due to the main expensive components that Apple plans on using inside it. Apart from the 3D Touch module, this includes the front-facing revolutionary 3D camera and an embedded Touch ID scanner into the display. These new components are very expensive to manufacture and will make the OLED iPhone 8 significantly more expensive to manufacture.

[Via DigiTimes]

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