Siri Vs Google Assistant on the iPhone: Which AI Assistant Wins?


Google Assistant vs Siri

If you guys haven’t heard already, the Google Assistant is now available for iOS in the app store. I think this will definitely make some iOS users happy since we aren’t all the biggest fans of Siri. But, is the Google Assistant better than Siri on the iPhone already a day after it’s release? Let’s put them head to head to find out!

Here’s a live demonstration of Siri VS Google Assistant head to head. I highly recommend checking out this video before making any assumptions of which assistant is better.

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In a nutshell, the iPhone was built for Siri integration, so of course, it’s going to have a bit more access inside of the OS than the Google Assistant does right now. Google’s Assistant isn’t able to open many iOS apps just yet, but I’m sure that’s something still in the works. And while you can’t say “Ok Google” to activate Assistant, you can say “Hey Siri, launch Assistant” and it will open right up.  While it may be cruel to use Siri as a stepping stone to open up Assistant, it’s a necessity if you want to open it up hands-free.

You’ll find in the video that Siri gives some classic, unintelligent responses and starts to get confused throughout the video. It was like the more I used her, the more she started to panic and forget what she was doing. Siri would do things like referring back to a question I asked a couple questions ago, rather than the immediate previous question, which makes Siri much less conversational than the Google Assistant. Assistant didn’t have any problem with that whatsoever.

While the Google Assistant has some features that Siri doesn’t have, there are also a lot of iOS integration features and tasks, like turning on/off “do not disturb” that only Siri is able to complete. But in my opinion, for the most part, what the Google Assistant can do right now, it does it better than Siri.

I’m really hoping to see an improvement in Siri in the near future since Apple’s recent acquisition of Dark Data. I want to like Siri, I really do, but when it gets out performed by Google Assistant and even Alexa for that matter, it’s hard to keep faith in her.

Of course, we want to know what you guys think about the Google Assistant on iOS and how it compares to Siri in the tasks and actions that you use it for. Let us know in the comments which assistant you prefer in the comments and why. I look forward to checking them out!

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