Tim Cook Says Demand for the iPhone 7 Plus Was Stronger Than They Expected

iPhone 7 Plus - Back - Camera - closeup

The iPhone 7 Plus is a big phone, but, for that real estate, you get a 1080p HD display and, perhaps even more importantly, a dual camera setup on the back of the phone.

Part of the appeal of those two cameras on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus, as Apple has pointed out since its debut, is Portrait Mode. And while Apple was busy selling folks on the idea of getting the bigger phone versus the smaller iPhone 7, it turns out that demand for the bigger smartphone was apparently even outpacing what Apple considered.

During the conference call regarding the second quarterly earnings report, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that demand for the iPhone 7 Plus was “much stronger” than what the company expected. Indeed, Cook even admits that one of the things Apple “didn’t get right” was the mixture between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

The result at this point is well known. The iPhone 7 Plus was hard to come by right out of the gate and it took some time before Apple could match that demand.

For what it’s worth, Cook also said that they’ve learned from the experience. He says that every time the company launches something, “we learn something,” and can make changes from that point forward.

For fans of the AirPods, which still have a six week shipping window, hopefully that lesson is learned quickly.