Apple Updates Workflow for iOS to Bring Back Chrome and Pocket Actions, Add Apple Music Features

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Near the end of March of this year, Apple officially acquired the popular automation app for iPhone, Workflow.

Soon after, the development team behind Workflow announced that there would be no further updates for the Workflow app after Apple’s acquisition, including user-submitted workflows:

“We are no longer provide the ability to submit workflows to the Gallery, as we have no further planned updates for Workflow. Overall, we are continuing to support Workflow’s current functionality and have no plans to end support.”

At the time, the development team confirmed that if there were any subsequent updates for Workflow now that it was under Apple’s umbrella, the updated version would be focused on bug fixes and other behind-the-scenes improvements. There wouldn’t be any major new additions added to the mix.

Workflow has now been updated by Apple to version 1.7.4, and it’s available beginning today. With it, some features are returned to the fold after being removed (Google Chrome and Pocket actions have been reenabled), there are the typical bug fixes and other improvements, and Workflow now supports actions for Apple Music:

“Bug fixes and improvements

Restored the Google Chrome and Pocket actions

Add music to your Up Next queue with the Add Music to Up Next and Clear Up Next actions”

There are plenty of other fixes as well. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Get Distance now supports getting the distance from a specified location
  • The order of items passed from a Dictionary action to Choose from List is now preserved
  • Fixed getting prices for books in Search iTunes Store
  • Fixed making archives with special characters in the filename on iOS 10.3 and later
  • Fixed an issue where workflow glyphs in the Today Widget may be stretched and cut off
  • Fixed an issue where latitude and longitude may be formatted incorrectly in international locales
  • Fixed an issue where .wflow files may fail to open on iOS 10.3 and later
  • Fixed an issue where improperly formatted URLs from Pinboard could cause Workflow to crash
  • Fixed an issue where booleans may not update when their value is changed inside dictionary fields
  • Fixed an issue where handing off clipboard content from the Today Widget or Action Extension may throw a “The file Clipboard could not be opened” error
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Workflow to crash on launch
  • Other bug fixes and minor additions

A pretty lengthy update for the popular app. Are you still using Workflow after Apple’s acquisition?

[via Workflow]

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