Microsoft Executive Sees the iPad Pro as a ‘Clear Example’ of Apple Following Microsoft

Surface Pro 5

Technically speaking, Microsoft recently launched the fifth-generation Surface Pro tablet, even if the company effectively dropped the numbering system attached to it.

And while the Surface lineup has expanded quite a bit, to include the Surface Book, the Surface Laptop, and even the Surface Studio desktop PC, the Surface Pro is still Microsoft’s darling that kicked off a major revitalization for the company. And while the company itself is aware that when the original Surface Pro was unveiled people were skeptical, today’s market seems to more than justify Microsoft’s gamble all those years ago.

Now, General Manager for Surface Ryan Gavin (as reported by Business Insider) says that even companies like Apple are following by Microsoft’s example:

“Think about it, if we had been looking at [Apple] we wouldn’t have made a product like Surface Pro or Surface Book,” Gavin said. “We have been learning and perfecting our products in the 2-in-1 category for years now, [but] when Surface initially launched everyone was skeptical, including them. And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that.”

Gavin goes on to say that while the company is building its Surface products, they obviously look at where the competition is at. However, when talking about the Cupertino-based company specifically, Gavin said, “we don’t really look at Apple.” Interestingly enough, in a candid response, Gavin also said that customers “wanted it” when talking about the Surface Laptop –the company’s newest Surface product– and whether or not it was a redundant product in light of the Surface Pro and Surface Book already being on the market:

“I’m gonna give you the short, non-BS answer. Our customers wanted it. If you can’t take advantage of the versatility of Surface Pro or don’t need the power of [Surface] Book, then Laptop is the product for you.”

The Surface family of devices have done well for Microsoft up to this point, and it will be interesting to see how the lineup evolves, and how the computer market does in general, over the years.

As for the iPad Pro itself, the similarities to the Surface Pro are there, for sure. It supports a stylus (the Apple Pencil), and even includes a first-party keyboard accessory (the Smart Keyboard).

Have you gone and checked out the Surface Laptop yet?

[via Business Insider]