Apple Releases Two New Tutorial Videos on Customising and Sharing Memories in Photos App

Apple today uploaded two new photography tutorial videos for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on its YouTube page and a page dedicated on how to capture better photos with the handset. The two videos provide a walkthrough on how to customise and share Memories on the iPhone 7.

Both videos are around 40-second long and provide viewers with quick instructions on how to quickly customise their Memories in the Photos app.

The Memories feature in the Photos app automatically creates a collection of relevant photos and videos from your recent holiday or trip. One of the videos released from Apple today shows how you can customise existing Memories, while the second one is about how you can quickly share them with your friends and family.

Previous videos uploaded by Apple surrounding the iPhone 7’s camera include how-tos on how to use the Portrait mode, how to shoot close-up photos, vertical panoramas, and more.

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