Analyst Believes ARKit Will be Platform for Apple’s Smart Glasses

Apple announced ARKit, its basis for developing augmented reality features for iOS devices, during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

And while companies like IKEA have some obvious plans for the platform, it’s what Apple plans on doing with it at some point in the future that has many people wondering what’s next. According to CNBC, one analyst believes that it could be the very base for the oft-rumored “smart glasses” that Apple is allegedly developing.

“Advanced sensors and camera capabilities will enhance the iPhone; eventually there could be independent hardware offerings, perhaps iGlass,” UBS analyst Steven Milunovich said. “We can imagine a pair of glasses with quintessential Apple design (iGlass), which enable a Hololens-type experience,” the company said, referring to Microsoft’s bulky alternative.”

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich goes on to say that the experience Apple will have to create will still rely quite heavily on the iPhone itself, as there will, or should, be a lot of information that’s handled on the iPhone rather than on the glasses themselves:

“However, the amount of compute power and sensors required likely pose a serious design challenge. If Apple could find a way to send massive amounts of data from the eyeglasses to the iPhone where the bulk of the compute would occur, the eyewear could have a more attractive design. The issue then becomes how to transfer massive amounts of complex data between devices quickly.”

Augmented Reality is a huge deal for smart glasses, similar to what we’ve seen in the past from the likes of Google Glass for instance, so it would make sense that ARKit is the base for a product like that from Apple. Of course, while Apple is obviously adamant about the future of AR and its importance for users, the company itself isn’t going out of its way to reveal what it might be working on.

[via CNBC]

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