Rumor Says Google Assistant Can Replace Siri on iPhone 8

Before the week comes to an end, one rumor has cropped up to potentially give us all a good laugh heading into the weekend.

Recently, Android Guys reported that, based off information provided to the publication from unnamed sources, iPhone 8 owners will be able to choose Google Assistant as their default digital personal assistant — effectively replacing Siri on Apple’s future (and still unofficial) flagship handset.

“Our source confirms that a plan is in motion to make Google Assistant a full Siri replacement should the user decide that they want to use Google Assistant instead of Siri.”

The report goes on to say that it’s unclear if Apple and Google are working together with a partnership that’s similar to the way Google Maps worked on early iPhones. What’s more, what type of functionality, despite being able to replace Siri, will be available to users is unknown, too.

(The report also reiterates that Apple will launch the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8 with a “premium price tag” attached to it later this year.)

One of the key features that many people have requested over the years is to let users choose their default apps on iOS, with many anticipating that Apple could finally announce the change in iOS 11. However, that didn’t happen. And while Apple is opening APIs, and even Siri itself, to third-party developers, letting owners choose their default apps doesn’t appear to be something Apple wants to bend on (yet).

So, the possibility that Apple would let Google of all companies replace Siri on their future flagship phone, especially with all the upgrades to Siri the company announced earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference, seems borderline impossible. But hey, maybe Apple is planning a real curve ball during its iPhone 8 announcement later this year.

If you could, would you replace Siri with Google Assistant on your iPhone?

[via BGR; Android Guys]

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