IKEA Details its Support for Apple’s ARKit, Including Digital Furniture Placement

When Apple unveiled ARKit at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it name dropped IKEA at the same time, talking about how people were using augmented reality (AR) to put furniture all over the place.

It was said as a joke, but obviously the implications are right there, and sure enough that’s exactly what IKEA has been doing. Today, the Swedish company unveiled its plans for ARKit, the provisions put in place by Apple to include support for an AR platform with iOS devices. Now, IKEA executive Michael Valdsgaard has spoken about what the company plans to do with ARKit at its disposal, and how it can help potential customers outfit their house with furniture to see how it looks before they buy.

There will be an app later this fall, corresponding to the public launch of iOS 11, that will allow users to hold up their iPhone or iPad to digitally install the piece of furniture they’re interested in right into their home. ARKit makes this possible, putting the digital representation of the furniture into a real world scenario. Technically speaking this is something that customers have been able to do for quite some time, by scanning furniture from a magazine, but Valdsgaard says ARKit makes it a much more consistent experience.

The app will support up to 600 different products at launch, and Valdsgaard says that it will be supporting more along the way. Interestingly enough, IKEA will also be debuting new products within this specific app, which will let users get a view of what’s coming down the pipe from the company ahead of its wider launch.

For IKEA fans, Valdsgaard did confirm that buying furniture from within the app is a possibility, but it isn’t a feature the company is working on right now. It isn’t completely ruled out for the future, though.

Are you excited about the features that ARKit will bring to iOS devices?

[via Digital.di]

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