iOS 11 Rumor Roundup: Here Are 7 Features That May Be Coming in Apple’s Next Major iOS Update

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In just a couple of days from now, Apple will be unveiling iOS 11, the next major version of its operating system running on the iPhone and iPad. The release of iOS 11 later this year will coincide with the launch of the tenth anniversary iPhone, and just like the phone, expectations from the next version of iOS are pretty high as well.

Unlike last year though, this time around, not much is known about iOS 11 and what to expect from it. Apple has managed to keep most of the things under wraps this year, which is pretty surprising. This will also end up creating quite a buzz and hype around iOS 11 when Apple officially unveils it on Monday at the opening keynote of WWDC 2017. Before the company does that though, let’s have a look at what rumors suggest iOS 11 will offer.

Smarter Siri

Over the last one year, Amazon with its Alexa and Google’s Assistant have made huge progress in terms of their functionality and feature set. On the other hand, Apple’s Siri has remained the same over the last one year with very little improvements.

With iOS 11, Apple is expected to supercharge Siri’s abilities. If the rumors are anything to go by, the company will be doing this by making Siri learn from a user’s usage habits and by offering deeper integration with watchOS, tvOS, iCloud, and its other services. Additionally, it will also be expanding Siri support to more categories which will allow a wider range of apps to integrate and work with the virtual assistant.


Revamped Apple Music

Apple gave Apple Music a complete revamp with iOS 10 last year, and this year with iOS 11, the company is expected to give another revamp to its music streaming service app. The revamp this year will focus on video content which Apple will be bringing to Apple Music starting with ‘Carpool Karaoke’ on August 8 and follow it up with some more original programming like ‘Planet of the Apps’ later this year.

FaceTime Improvements

FaceTime remains one of the most underrated features of iOS, and while Apple has kept updating it with time, it has not received any major new enhancements in quite a few years now.

A dubious rumor from last month claimed that Apple would be making FaceTime Audio the default way of making calls in iOS 11 for all iPhone users, though this is a change that is unlikely to go down well with US carriers. If Apple does end up switching to FaceTime Audio as default, iPhone owners post iOS 11 would be able to enjoy a higher quality calling experience.

Additionally, FaceTime will be receiving a much-needed update to add support for group video calling for up to 5 people.

Peer-to-Peer Payments in Apple Pay

Apple has been steadily improving Apple Pay since its launch in 2014 alongside the iPhone 6. In iOS 11, Apple is rumored to add peer-to-peer payment support in its mobile payment service. This will allow iPhone owners to easily send money to other Apple Pay users right from their phone, with the service apparently being called Apple Cash.

Automatic Low Power Mode

A rumor from an unverified source claimed that Apple will be introducing an automatic low power mode in iOS 11. The feature will analyse when you use the Low Power mode on your iPhone — the time at which you usually switch it on and at what battery level, and it will then automatically enable it for you. The feature will also account your location and iPhone’s battery level to automatically turn on the Low Power mode.

Dark Mode

Apple introduced a Dark Mode in macOS 10.12 last year and it has been secretly testing a dark mode in iOS 10 as well. With over a year in development, it is likely that Apple has completed development of Dark mode and will be unveiling it with iOS 11 this year. Plenty of stock Apple apps also have a hidden dark mode, with third-party iOS apps already featuring their own dark mode.

Multi-user Support

Apple will reportedly be bringing multi-user support to tvOS 11 this year. And since iOS and tvOS share the same code base, it is likely that we will see multi-user support being present in iOS 11 as well. The feature will likely only be available on the iPad as having it on the iPhone makes little sense.After all, an iPad is used by many people in a family, while everyone has their own personal iPhone.

There’s a lot more that we hope Apple ends up adding to iOS 11 including an improved multitasking experience on the iPad, the ability to set default apps, and more. However, given the lack of leaks on this front, it is difficult to say if Apple will be bringing these features to the next major release of the world’s most advanced operating system or not. There are a lot more features that we’d like to see in iOS 11, but that’s what we wish for, and it’s not necessary that Apple will end up introducing them all.

What are your expectations from iOS 11? What features do you hope Apple introduces with iOS 11 this year?