iPhone 8 Could Face Supply Issues Owing to Shortages in OLED Panels

iPhone 8 Render

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be available later this fall. Amidst growing hype and speculation, we’re hearing about the smartphone potentially being delayed due to the low yield and supply of OLED panels.

Digitimes reports that Apple’s sole supplier, Samsung, is facing issues producing the display. Samsung is producing 70-92 million OLED panels over a period of two years for Apple in a deal estimated to be worth $9 billion. The issue could be deeply concerning for Apple, especially since the report talks about how only 3-4 million units of the iPhone 8 might be ready in time for the big release in September.

The report further suggests that the initial target of shipping 50-60 million units of the iPhone 8 might not be possible owing to the aforementioned issues. One must remember, however, that Apple’s OLED iPhone won’t be the only model in the lineup. There is talk that the company will have regular variants of the iPhone 8 (iPhone 7s?) made using standard LCD panels.

At this point, it seems like the shortages will only affect the premium iPhone, which is expected to be packing a stainless steel body, narrow front bezels, and a virtual home button. By the look of things, it seems like Apple will be cutting it too close with regards to the iPhone 8. We expect more details to arrive as we inch closer to the big launch.

[Via Digitimes]