Alleged iPhone 8 Screen Protector Lines up With Minimal Bezel Rumors


Almost immediately after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled by Apple, rumors regarding the iPhone 8 began cropping up, with the main focus being on a major redesign of the handset compared to past models.

The main takeaway up to this point has been that Apple will be implementing plenty of new features, and including many oft-requested ones, while at the same time drastically reducing the bezels along the front of the handset. We’ve heard that they’d be slightly reduced, but the main theory at this point is that there will hardly be any bezels on the front of the phone, with the whole front being utilized for an OLED display.

Recently we saw renders of the iPhone 8 based off all those rumors, which show a handset that does not have any bottom-front bezel at all (traditionally where Touch ID has been implemented, along with the Home button), drastically reduced bezels on the sides, and a small space reserved for the front-facing camera and other sensors.

Now we’ve got an alleged screen protector for the oft-rumored, but still unofficial iPhone 8. As tweeted out by Benjamin Geskin over the weekend, the glass protector includes coverage for the small top-front bezel where the sensors will be protected, while still leaving space for the display that will allegedly stretch up to the top-left and top-right of the front panel.

The screen protector for the unannounced phone is real, and you can buy it from MobileFun for $31.99. It says that it supports 3D Touch, and that it provides “edge-to-edge” protection.

Interestingly enough, SlashLeaks also has a video posted of a similar-looking screen protector, showing the same cutout at the top. So while nothing is official just yet, it appears this specific design is the one third-party companies are starting to bet on just months ahead of the expected announcement of the handset.

If this is indeed the final design, what do you think of it?

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