Creator of iPhone’s Software Keyboard Shows Off Early iPhone Prototypes

It’s officially the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone launching, and so people are reminiscing, including one of the individuals tasked with creating the original device’s software keyboard.

Back then, more than 10 years ago in fact, creating a software keyboard in a busy landscape of physical options as a bit of an “out there” concept, but obviously now it seems like a no-brainer. Still, creating a software keyboard on an iPhone wasn’t an easy task, especially when the early prototype units don’t look at all comfortable to use in general.

If you’re curious what they might look like, Ken Kocienda (who created the software keyboard for the iPhone) took to Twitter to talk about the early prototype units — and even share what they looked like. According to Kocienda they were called “Wallabies” inside Apple HQ by the Project Purple team. Why they called them that, though, is still a mystery:

There’s a little bit of the iPhone in both of those early prototypes to be sure, including the Home button which would become a hallmark feature for Apple’s smartphone lineup — until it isn’t anymore. The bezels are huge, too, another sign of just how old these things are. Of course there’s plenty to see of the iPod lineup there, too.

A combination of elements to create what would become the iPhone.

What do you think of these prototype models?

[via The Verge; @kocienda]

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