Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard Features a ‘Hidden’ Fingerprint Reader and Costs $129

While Microsoft has already announced plenty of new products recently, the company apparently couldn’t sit still for very long before unveiling something else.

Today the company has officially unveiled a brand new, wireless keyboard called the Modern Keyboard. It matches the same Surface-inspired aesthetic you’ll see across the lineup these days, and it’s the successor to the Surface Keyboard. There are a few key changes in place from its predecessor, though, including the ability to use a cable to connect directly to your computer if you choose to not go wireless.

The biggest new addition, though, is a “hidden” fingerprint reader. It’s actually a dedicated key on the keyboard –the Windows key on the right of the space bar– and it can be used to quickly log into Windows 10, or even websites by way of Windows Hello. The Modern Keyboard works for Windows 10, obviously, but it also works with macOS and even the latest versions of Google’s Android operating system.

It’s priced at $129.99 and it’ll be available from Microsoft soon.

What do you think of the design, and the decision to include a fingerprint reader in one of the keys?

[via The Verge]

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