Whole Foods Drops Support for the Apple Watch


Earlier in June, Apple officially unveiled the new watchOS 4, which adds a few important new features.

But it looks like Whole Foods isn’t all that excited about the upcoming software, or sees much of a point to the hardware, either. As reported by 9to5Mac, the latest update to the official Whole Foods iOS app sees the removal of watchOS support. At the time of publication Whole Foods hasn’t provided a reason as to why they pulled watchOS support, but in the change log for the app (bumping the version to 8.3.18) they do have a very sarcastic notice to users:

What’s New in Version 8.3.18

Bug fixes, plus nighty nighty to Apple Watch and iOS 9 support.”

So Whole Foods doesn’t support iOS 9 anymore, which isn’t too surprising, but dropping Apple Watch support at the same time is certainly curious. Especially when, earlier this year, it was reported that companies like Target, Google, eBay, and others had pulled support for the Apple Watch, too. Google, for its part, confirmed the removal of Google Maps was only temporary, but Amazon said at the time it just didn’t see a point to having Apple Watch support for customers. It did note that in the future anything was possible, though, so wearable support might return.

If you don’t believe in coincidences, then maybe the fact that Amazon is currently in the process of acquiring Whole Foods won’t seem like one.

Either way, did you ever use the Whole Foods app on your Apple Watch?

[via 9to5Mac]

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