Apple Launches Machine Learning Journal For Researchers To Share Their Work

Last year, Apple announced that it is opening gates to AI and allowing researchers to publish their work for peer review. Building on that, the company today opened its own Machine Learning Journal where Apple engineers can post about their work using machine learning to help build amazing products and services.

The Volume 1, Issue 1 journal is about “Improving the Realism of Synthetic Images.” The issue talks about Apple developing a method for refining synthetic images to make them look more realistic. This helps in improving the accuracy of neural networks as feeding them synthetic images is faster and cheaper compared to manually labelling them.

Welcome to the Apple Machine Learning Journal. Here, you can read posts written by Apple engineers about their work using machine learning technologies to help build innovative products for millions of people around the world. If you’re a machine learning researcher or student, an engineer or developer, we’d love to hear your questions and feedback. Write us at

The journal then goes on to talk about the process and how Apple engineers managed to make synthetic images look more life-like with all important details.

Apple is also inviting fellow machine learning researchers, students, engineers, and developers to send in questions and provide feedback on the journal entries being posted by writing them an email.

If you go through the first issue posted in the Machine Learning Journal, it’d be obvious that this journal is not meant for regular consumers. It is aimed squarely at researchers and Machine Learning experts.

Apple Machine Learning Journal

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