Apple to Open up Its Second Data Center Powered by Renewable Energy in Denmark

Apple Danish Data Center

Apple will open up its second data center in Denmark, according to the Danish Ministry of Climate Energy. The news was shortly confirmed by Apple’s manager for the Nordic region, Erik Stannow. The project will reportedly cost $291 million and will function entirely on renewable energy. This data center will power some of the core iOS/Mac features like Siri, iMessage, Maps, as well as the App Store.

Apple’s new data center will be located in the Aabenraa region towards the German border. The Denmark’s Viborg data center is located to the south and will officially start operations later this year.

Speaking to Reuters, Erik Stannow, Apple’s manager for the Nordic region said, “We’re thrilled to be expanding our data center operations in Denmark, and investing in new sources of clean power. The planned facility in Aabenraa, like all of our data centers, will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one, thanks to new clean energy sources we’re adding.”

These data centers powered by renewable energy will ensure that Apple’s carbon footprint is cut down significantly. It is hoped that more companies can take cues from the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, and the likes to focus on renewable energy.

Apple was in the process of opening up a new data center in Ireland but came through some opposition from the locals citing possible harm to the environment in the vicinity. While the facility was expected to start operations by 2017, Apple is yet to begin construction of the unit, hinting that the project is on the back-burner.

[Via Reuters]