Apple May Replace Original Apple Watch With Series 1 Based on Repair Needs

Depending on the repair needs of the original Apple Watch, some owners may get an upgraded version of their wearable when taking it in to get fixed.

As initially reported by MacRumors, Apple has reportedly informed its own retail store employees and Apple Authorized Service Providers that some models of the original Apple Watch may be outright replaced with a Series 1 Apple Watch, depending on the repairs needed to the original model. Of course, there are caveats.

The replacement option is limited to the aluminum variants in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. The option is only available in some countries, too, but, at the time of publication, which countries are included (or not included) were not known.

“In some countries, Apple Watch Aluminum (1st generation) parts (in all colors) may be substituted with Apple Watch Aluminum (Series 1) parts. The parts substitution should now be working properly in MobileGenius and Repair Central.”

The distinction between the original Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 1 are pretty minimal, of course. For the most part the two variants are exactly the same, save for the fact the Series 1 has an upgraded processor under the hood, running the S2 chipset. While that may be the case, getting a free replacement to a newer version of the Apple Watch would certainly be a worthwhile alternative, especially if the original Watch is in need of that level of repair.

Unfortunately, not knowing which countries where this is available is a bit of a bummer, but perhaps Apple will change that before too long.

Are you still using an original Apple Watch? If so, how’s the performance these days?

[via MacRumors]

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