ARKit Used to Recreate A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ Music Video

A-Ha is one of those bands that might not sound immediately familiar right off the top of your head, but they’ve got at least one song that will surely be plenty familiar.

And now developers have put together a pretty fantastic music video for one of those songs, Take On Me, and utilized Apple’s new ARKit to do it. The result is pretty fantastic, to say the least, and easily one of the best tech demonstrations for ARKit as a whole. The video itself comes in at just under two minutes, but it’s a blast to watch from start to finish:

We get to watch the music video integrate a sketched world, including a representation of the room itself, as well as dancing characters, which mimics the same artistic style that was used for the original A-Ha music video. You can watch the original music video in the video below, just to compare:

This new video was put together by a studio named Trixi, which is an augmented reality (AR) studio. They used Apple’s ARKit, as well as Unity 3D assets, GameFlow, and a set of animations created with the Mixamo software. The new video only took a few days to create, thanks to the software available to the developers.

“The hardest part was not having the all the live video receive the post effect,” says Sineni. “But [we] really wanted that effect of turning your world into the ‘Take on Me’ experience, not a baked in experience.”

Up to this point, this music video is just one of the amazing demos we’ve seen from developers. Just recently we saw what navigation might look like while walking and using ARKit. And here’s a nice roundup of seven different ARKit demos that were published in the past.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on ARKit when it launches with iOS 11 later this year?

[via The Verge]

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